What is your privacy policy?
In a nutshell…we will NEVER sell, distribute or give out your information!!!  To read the details go to our privacy policy.

Haute Market Bags™ vs other "green bags"?
Most "green bags" are just another 100% plastic bag made often from new (and occasionally from recycled) plastics.  Haute Market Bags™ are primarily made of eco-friendly jute which is one of the strongest natural fibers.  Jute is a SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL material that is biodegradable and recyclable.  It is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertilizers or pesticides.  And it takes just 4-6 months for a jute plant to grow to maturity.  Our bags also have a coated interior for easy cleaning and long, soft cotton handles for comfortable carrying.  source: wikipedia

Do you offer fundraising opportunities?
Yes!  Please click here for more information and  contact us for details.
Do you offer embroidery for your bags?
Sorry, but we don't.  We do agree that the market bags look amazing when personalized.  Not to mention make a great gift.   Our favorite is the super big…desert plate size…extra curly script font…monogram!!!  We recommend taking your Haute Market Bags™ to your favorite, local embroidery shop where you are sure to find a much bigger selection of fonts & colors than we could ever offer.

Why make a switch to reusable bags?
Because plastic bags create enormous amounts of pollution, harm wildlife and ecosystems, devour natural resources and are not always effectively recycled. 

What else can we do?
Now that we are getting in the eco-friendly mindset…there are lots of little every day things we can make part of our routine.  Simple & fast…individually immaterial but done in mass make a substantial impact on improving our environment.  Just unplug those cell phone cords when not charging the battery.  Take a reusable mug on the road.  And of course, use Haute Market Bags™ for all our shopping.  Our top 12 ways to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE are listed at small changes.

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