Carry a Haute Market Bag, of course! (or any bag made out of an eco-friendly material)         
Did you know… some grocery stores will give you money back for bringing your own bag!  We take ours EVERYWHERE…to the grocery store, mall, movie theater, Sam's Club, airport, dance class, etc.

Either use a scoop to move doggie poop to the bushes OR use 100% biodegradable dog poop bags which are available at pet stores and on-line.
Both are convenient and eco-friendly solutions!

Pack lunches in reusable containers.
This will help eliminate the need for plastic baggies!

Use a refillable "travel" mug or glass at school or work.
Believe it or not, many fast food places will let you bring your own mug and often give you a discounted drink price!  Surprisingly - the travel mug can even be from another restaurant.  We have found that Starbucks LOVES for you to bring your own mug!!!

Buy recycled products and products with less packaging! 
Look for "made from recycled waste" on the package.

Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
We know, this seems like a no brainer, but we also know a LOT of people that are guilty of this!

Recycle paper products
Many schools have recycling bins for paper.  It even helps raise money for the school!

Use reusable containers like Tupperware™ to store your food in the refrigerator instead of wrapping it in plastic wrap or foil.

Save wire hangers and return them to the dry cleaners.

Do not buy disposable plates, eating utensils or cups. 
Who likes eating off of that stuff anyway?

Keep your tires on your car properly inflated and wheels properly aligned.
This will save both gas and money!

Teach your children how to be responsible. 
Remember - they learn from just watching you!

Top Twelve Easy Ways to Love Where You Live!
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